Drink Tiny Sips Of Moonshine From Mini Mason Jar Shot Glasses

41Kty08tQDL._SX355_In case you’re not up on the trends, all of the coolest adults are pickling and canning the massive hoards of locally-grown vegetables that they haul home from farmer’s markets and their community-supported agriculture shares. When you’re not shoving peaches in them, it’s trendy to drink beverages out of canning jars. You know, re-purposing something that you already have. Then there are the shot glasses.

The whole point of drinking out of a jar–we thought–is to use something that’s cheap and plentiful. Ball canning jars cost $1 or less per piece in stores; if you find them at a flea market or an estate sale, they can cost even less. However, if you want the tiny replica canning jar shot glasses that this trend has inspired, you’ll have to pay about $3 per glass. At least three times the cost, and it holds less booze? No, thank you.

Mason Jar Shot Glasses (Set of 4 Glasses) [Amazon] (via Foodbeast)