Google’s U.S. Moto Factory Makes The Customized Wood Veneer Phone Of Your Dreams Possible

Google says it's "got wood." Get it?

Google says it’s “got wood.” Get it?

There it is. Your phone. Sitting there, all boring and like, silver or black or white. YAWN. It doesn’t have any… pizzazz. If you’re the type who needs to feel like your phone is an extension of your personal style, Google’s U.S.  factory allows for customization of the Moto X up the whatsit.

Maybe you’re a woman and as such, desperately desire for all of the pink things in your girlish purse to match your pink phone (please note sarcasm use here), as Valleywag points out. Or perhaps there’s nothing more satisfying to you than a wood veneer to go with your down-home, “I’d play the banjo if I could and desperately wish for a less patchy beard” vibe, notes Boing Boing.

While previous smartphone models have traditionally come in only a few color options, putting the onus of customization on customers willing to shop around for various covers and dongles, the Moto has 18 different back covers, from “spearmint” to “cabernet.” That’s in addition to choice of black or white fronts and seven different metallic accents for other details like the volume button.

This is made possible by Google’s U.S. factory, reports the Associated Press, where workers in the Fort Worth, Texas facility will assemble the custom phones and ship it to the customer’s door within four days. The Moto X goes on sale in about a month on all four national carriers and starts at $200.

If you want that pizzazz, however, only AT&T will have the customizable option at first, though Google wants to expand that to all carriers eventually. Then everyone can get purty or woody or whathaveyou.

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