Kochblume Spill Stopper Sort Of Keeps Some Pots From Spilling Over

CR092k13-UF-KochblumeAs a somewhat absent-minded person, I’m always glad to see when products hit the market that are helpful to people like me. How about a special lid that prevents pots from boiling over, for when you put some pasta in the boiling water and then wander off? Sounds like a great idea. Too bad it isn’t.

The Spill Stopper is a simple enough gadget: it has petals like a steamer basket, and if the pot boils above the top, the liquid goes back between the cracks rather than over the sides. The problem is that the lid only solves some of the problems associated with pots boiling over.

If you overfill it, the Spill Stopper won’t help you. If it boils really, really high, the Spill Stopper won’t help you. If you’re cooking a food that needs steam, like rice, your food may not boil over but it won’t cook properly, either.

Stirring something once it boils over doesn’t end well, either. “[W]hen lifting the cover, which gets hot, you’ll need a pot holder; and once you’ve lifted it, the pot will start to boil over anyway,” notes Consumer Reports.

I won’t be buying the Spill Stopper because I’d just forget which cabinet I put it in anyway.

Kochblume Spill Stopper review [Consumer Reports]

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