Instead Of Yelling At Customer For Barfing In The Store, IKEA Employees Let Her Sleep It Off

Sometimes you’re bone tired, sometimes you’ve had a bit too much of a tipple into the firewater, and sometimes you might just need a nap. If you’re away from home, the options for snoozing are a bit limited… unless you’re at an IKEA with amenable employees and accommodating fellow customers.

A woman visiting an IKEA outlet in Israel appeared to have had too much to drink last week and got a case of the vomit blues — right on one of the store’s couches, reports the Times of Israel.

That didn’t faze her — or employees, it seems — as she wandered over to the bedding section, took off her shoes and tucked herself in for a nice little doze.

Witnesses say that neither employees nor her fellow shoppers felt the need to disturb her slumber.

“The customers simply didn’t try out that bed,” one man explained, adding that she seemed to be intoxicated. She apparently snoozed away until the store closed, at which time a security guard roused her from her allegedly boozy dreams.

IKEA says the woman “felt unwell when she arrived at the store, and our people therefore permitted her to rest until she felt better. We wish her the best of health.”

Woman pukes at IKEA, stays for a nap [The Times of Israel]

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