Makers Of “Words With Friends” Suing “Bang With Friends” Over Its Sassy App Name

Only playing word games with friends is acceptable.

Only playing word games with friends is acceptable.

Zynga has a beef with a new casual sex app, and not because the game makers want everyone to die alone, curled up in bed with only dim memories of what a human touch feels like. No, it’s because the app is called “Bang With Friends,” and Zynga claims that’s way too close to its game, “Words With Friends” that has nothing to do with finding a stranger for sexytimes on the go.

Bang With Friends (henceforth to be referenced as BWF) presents itself as “The anonymous, simple, fun way to find friends who are down for the night.” And here is where one reads between the lines to understand that being “down” means you’re cool with hooking up with Facebook friends anonymously.

Zynga claims the name of the app infringes on its trademark because it uses “with friends” in its games. BWF registered the domain name last year, says a complaint filed in federal court in San Francisco, reports Bloomberg.

Zynga claims that BWF knew exactly what it was doing when it picked that name, saying BWF “selected the name ‘Bang With Friends’ for its casual sex matchmaking app with Zynga’s game trademarks fully in mind.”

The company wants to bar BWF from using that moniker with any of its social networking apps in the U.S. and also wants unspecified damages.

This, all coming from a game that is pretty much exactly like Scrabble. So, there’s that.

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