Vending Machine Rewards Yawns With Free Cup Of Coffee

He isn't roaring, he's getting free coffee.

He isn’t roaring, he’s getting free coffee.

For all the times you’ve stood yawning in the kitchen, wondering when Rosie from The Jetsons would come rolling up with a fresh cup of steaming, reviving coffee so you wouldn’t have to make one, we offer this bit of hope: There’s a company using facial recognition software for the forces of caffeinated good in this world, rewarding yawning people with fresh, free coffee.

I know, it sounds like something out of your sweetest daydreams, something that couldn’t possibly be true. But it is, at least in a very limited fashion that we’d like to request spreading beyond the O.R. Tambo International Airport in South Africa, and to the rest of us who desperately need it.

Here’s how the gimmick set up by coffee roaster Douwe Egberts works (via FoodBeast): Unsuspecting, tired passengers stumble upon the bright and shiny machine that looks like you should be able to get coffee from it. Poking, prodding and general investigation as to how the dang thing works produces nothing.

Until the exhaustion takes over, the person yawns and voila! A cup of coffee is dispensed to reward that expression of fatigue.

It’s magical, but it seems to have only have been a one-time set-up. So now we’re asking, Coffee Bosses with this miraculous knowledge, use that facial recognition software on us. We want free coffee and are willing to yawn our faces off for it.

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