Two Men Find $1,000 Blowing Around Parking Lot, But Only One Gives Money Back

(FOX 2 Now)

Hey look, money! (FOX 2 Now)

Like a lesson in the difference between the dark and the light side of human character, two men found a wad of cash blowing around outside a Schnucks store in Missouri. One, filled with the spirit of human kindness, gathered up the money and gave it back to the elderly woman who had lost it. The other stuck around to argue but ultimately, took the money and ran.

FOX 2 Now says there was about $1,000 in cash gusting about on the sidewalk, lost when an elderly woman was leaving the Schnucks. Seeing the cash flying about, the two men scurried to grab it.

“I walk out this door and I look on the ground and there’s like money laying right there … you could tell it was a bunch of money because it was like 100’s, 20’s, 50’s,” said the man who turned the money in. He says he and the other argued about what to do with it.

“He wasn’t going to give the money back. He said I was a fool. I said that’s wrong,” Mr. Nice Guy said. He turned in the $640 he found, along with an insurance card found with the cash.

In return, he got a big hug from a Schnucks employee, and the satisfaction of knowing the store located the woman using her insurance card and returned the dough.

Eyewitnesses say that people tried to convince both men to take the money at first.

“[They said] ‘man, you should have seen all that money. I can’t believe he turned it in!’” an onlooker said. “That’s the right thing to do. If it was me, I would have turned it in.”

A Schnucks spokesperson said the insurance card help Schnucks staff find the elderly woman who lost the money; the woman was more ecstatic about what she got back than

There’s no such thing as too little, too late, in this case. Mr. Nice says he hopes the other man will come forward and do the right thing in the end.

“I hope he’s looking right now, at TV, the news, to bring that other portion back up here to that woman,” the Good Samaritan said. “I feel good, man. I feel good. It’s a good deed man.”

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Good Samaritan Returns $600 to Elderly Shopper [FOX 2 Now]

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