You Can Lead A Horse To The McDonald’s Drive-Thru But You Might Not Get Anything To Drink

While it’s your choice what mode of transportation you want to gallivant around town in, it seems the powers that be at McDonald’s don’t exactly consider a horse an appropriate vehicle for the drive-thru. Police in Manchester, England say a woman riding through was peeved to find out she couldn’t order on the go from atop her beast of burden.

According to the BBC, the woman was also accompanied by a girl on a pony, and was none too pleased to be turned away from the McDonald’s drive-thru.

The Mancunian then brought her animal inside — because if you can’t use the drive-thru on a horse bringing it inside where people are eating in is the next logical step, obviously — where customers were treated to the horse “doing his business on the floor.”

A McDonald’s spokeswoman said the woman will be paying up for the trip with Mr. Ed because it’s unsettling to others having four-legged friends hanging out at the fast food joint:

“On 20 July a woman allowed her pony to enter our restaurant in Whitefield after being refused service in the drive-thru lane. The incident caused distress to customers and disruption for the restaurant, and the police issued the woman with a fixed penalty notice… The health and safety of our customers and staff is our top priority, and for this reason we are unable to serve pedestrians, bicycle riders or customers on horseback through the drive-thru.”

Also facing a pile of horse business over your hamburger isn’t any one’s idea of a nice meal. Unless this is the newest trend in farm-to-table dining?

Horse in McDonald’s: Rider fined after ‘drive-thru’ refusal [BBC News]

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