Buy A Plan From Sears Home Services, Get Even Less Service Than Before

Doug was working from a false assumption. He thought that the entity called “Sears Home Services” actually had the ability to diagnose and repair home appliances. Maybe someone around the office does, but none of the technicians who came out to work on his Kenmore washer and dryer seemed to know how to fix it. They were happy to sell him a service plan to cover the expense of those fruitless visits, though.

Doug writes:

I bought a kenmore washer and dryer last may, in April we had problems with the washer and it ended up taking about 2 months to get the washer fixed, between the same part being sent out multiple times and being replaced. Finally the fourth technician actually looked in the machine and found a leak.

But that was the washer… The dryer had been working fine, until it stopped actually drying clothes, and having moisture underneath it. Called service and got an appointment that week. They came out, tightened screws on the door and told us the vent was probably clogged (which he couldn’t clean and we had to call a vent cleaning company). Total cost: $120, plus $160 for the vent cleaning. Ended up purchasing the service plan, since 2 years was 300 something.

We clean the vent, and there is absolutely nothing in it – the vent is a straight 3 foot shot outside. No birds.

Call sears back again, since we couldn’t schedule online (being as we’ve got a service plan now). After going through 5 people, we are finally told that the earliest service appointment we could get was August 9th, and there is absolutely nothing before that. Being somewhat suspicious, my wife goes online while talking to them on the phone, and is somehow able to book an appointment (without the service plan) for today, and there is availability for the rest of the week. The escalations department has no idea how its possible that we can get an appointment today.

So does sears intentionally push their warranty customers out multiple weeks, while cash paying customers get priority (and then up sold to the service plan)?

There could be a perfectly valid explanation here: perhaps the actual problem is that the website is terrible and not working correctly.

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