Dear Burger King Workers: Don’t Stash Your Hash Pipe In Kid’s Meal Boxes

Some Burger King customers in Michigan got a bonus gift in their kid’s meal — and three people are now facing drug charges — after a BK employee forgot that he’d stowed drugs and a pipe inside a kid’s meal box.

The Monroe Evening News reports that a man had gone to the BK in Dundee, MI, to purchase a kid’s meal for his 4-year-old grandson. But when they opened up the box, there was hashish, pot, and a pipe in which to smoke it.

Police were notified and the grandfather told officers that he remembered an employee running out to a car in the parking lot while he was there. Using that as a starting point, police went to talk to the man described by the customer.

While talking to the employee, his friends tried to call his phone to tell him the cops were involved, but a police officer actually answered the call. The friends said they were waiting across the street. When approached by the police, they tried to run into the nearby woods but were ultimately apprehended by police and more drugs were allegedly found in their car.

The employee admitted to bringing the hash, pot, and pipe to the fast food restaurant that evening. He had merely meant to hide the items in the box, and said he had no intention of handing it off to a customer.

He and the two friends, who do not work at BK, were arrested and released pending formal charges.

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