Passenger Films NJ Transit Bus Driver Allegedly Pleasuring Himself On The Job

Blurriness is your friend.

Blurriness is your friend.

Thank goodness for the blurring tool because otherwise an already grody video filmed by a New Jersey Transit bus passenger would be even yuckier than it already is. A bus driver is now facing criminal charges and was fired after a woman caught him pleasuring himself on video — all while in the middle of Lincoln Tunnel traffic on the way into New York City.

(WARNING: While we know our readers can handle adult topics, the whole story is still pretty shocking. Clicking through to the source link will take you to the video which, again, is blurred. But it’s there, so, be warned.)

ABC 7 News says the bus driver is accused of putting passengers at risk while he was busy with himself, an action a woman sitting opposite him in the first row of seats noticed and filmed while it was going on.

The bus was packed, says the woman’s attorney, and the driver was guiding the vehicle through the busy Lincoln Tunnel during the evening commute. He reportedly saw the act through to its inevitable conclusion.

“The outrage, the danger he was putting the other passengers in and the other commuters, it is unspeakable,” his attorney told ABC 7. “She’s showing the other cars around. As you can see the walls of the tunnel are on the left side. And he’s continuing all the way through the tunnel totally exposed.”

NJ Transit isn’t taking the situation lightly, saying in a statement: “The bus driver in question was immediately removed from service without pay, as a result of this disturbing and grossly irresponsible conduct.”

Desperately in need of a mental scrub brush.

NJ Transit bus driver accused of lewd act [ABC 7]

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