Alabama Post Office Evacuated Due To Personal Lubricant Spill

intenseKY Intense Arousal gel is relatively new to the market. It’s billed as a product that can “heighten sensitivity and satisfaction.” Unfortunately, when some of the product spilled in an Alabama post office on Tuesday morning, employees didn’t know what the substance was. All it heightened was a safety alert. The building was evacuated and a hazardous materials team came in to dispose of the mysterious liquid.

Initially, employees thought that the mystery substance contained the solvent methanol, which is poisonous and highly flammable. The package had more than a dozen containers of the mystery substance inside, but it wasn’t identified until the following day.

The post office told news outlets that they plan to contact the sender and explain how to better package liquids for mailing. They didn’t identify the sender or recipient, but said that the package was on its way to someone in the “entertainment industry.”

Officials: KY gel causes post office evacuation [WAFF]

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