This Is Out Of Hand: Sherbet-Flavored Oreos Are A Thing

sherbet_icecreamSure, Cookies & Cream ice cream is now a standard flavor, even if the crumbled-up cookies inside aren’t officially marked as Oreo brand. What about the other way around, though? We recently learned that ice cream-flavored Oreos exist, in sherbet flavor, and we’re starting to wonder whether this whole Oreo flavor train is going a little too fast for our taste buds to handle.

The cookies are part of a while ice cream Oreos series, but follow other desserts intended to taste like other desserts from Nabisco, like candy corn and gingerbread Oreos. (Of course watermelon is a dessert.)

Reader Wil, who spotted the cookies in a Walgreens, tried some and reports back. “Bought a bag, and they were surprisingly good!” he says. says that they’re not bad, but that the cookie “doesn’t quite deliver on the sherbet experience.” How can it, when it isn’t cold?

The more exotically-flavored Oreos are now ending up, in turn, in ice cream. Check out this cookies and cream offering from Breyers that has golden Oreos.


Do you know what this means, Consumerists and junk foodies? It’s only a matter of time until we get containers of sherbet with sherbet-flavored Oreos crumbled up in it. Is that the kind of world you want to live in?!

…Actually, yeah. Sounds good to me, too.

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