Dish Network Teams Up With Southwest To Offer Free Live TV On Flights With Wi-Fi

No more missing whatever it is those Kardashians do.

No more missing whatever it is those Kardashians do.

Soaring up in the wild blue yonder in a plane can be a heady experience, but some travelers just can’t bear to not be connected to what’s happening on the ground. Keeping in mind that some fliers don’t want to fork over money to buy Wi-Fi access despite that urge to stay in touch, Southwest Airlines and Dish Network are teaming up to offer free access to live TV while in flight.

What’s the catch? Do you have to perform a song and dance about how much you love both companies? No, but you do have to bring your own tablet or device, reports

The “TV Flies Free” service will work on iOS devices and “certain personal devices,” says Dish, which we’re going to take to mean tablets and laptops.

Shockingly enough, there’s no app you’d need to download, as the TV is delivered over Wi-Fi and video plays through your device’s browser.

You’ll still have to pay $8 if you want to check your email though, and even if you’re not done with that episode of Intervention when the plane’s landing, you’ll still have to shut it off.

Southwest and DISH Team Up for Free In-Flight TV on Your iPad []

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