We Hope This Handwritten Welcome Note From Ramada Is Authentic

JRngerwAny number of hotels around the world have plaques commemorating the time that a politician or movie star stayed in a particular room, but it’s not often you get a handwritten note about the time a movie star lost his lunch on a politician in that room.

Comedian Rob Delaney posted the above image to his Twitter feed yesterday. For those who can’t read, the note states, “Welcome to Room 318! A bit of history: Actor Jeff Bridges threw up on a Senator in this room in 1998! Enjoy your stay.”

The note could be bogus; the vomit story is likely apocryphal, but we want to believe that it’s all true, and we also think this is exactly the kind of thing that hotels should be publicizing to their guests.

It’s so much more interesting to have stayed in the room where The Dude upchucked on some politician than it is to know that Gerald Ford maybe sat in the room for a few hours while waiting to make an appearance at a local mall.

We reached out to Ramada and its parent company Wyndham to see if they had anything to add, and were told, “Thank you for reaching out to us about it, but we do not have anything to share at the moment.”

Also of interest — Rob Delaney noted after he posted the image that the @Ramada Twitter feed isn’t exactly what you’d expect from such a huge hotel brand, as it contains three Tweets from 2008, mostly asking how to work the “Twitter scan,” whatever that is.

[via Reddit]

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