Gas Company Places Lien On Philly Mayor’s House Over Unpaid Bill

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter

Philadelphia Gas Works apparently doesn’t care who you if you’re not paying your utility bill. Just ask Philadelphia Mayor Michael “Yes My Last Name Is Actually” Nutter, who saw PGW place a lien on his home after his gas bill apparently went unpaid.

The Philadelphia Daily News reports that the mayor received a three-day shutoff notice on May 3 because PGW claimed his account was more than $500 overdue. Two weeks later, PGW — which also happens to be owned by the city — placed a lien on Casa Nutter. The Daily News says that lien wasn’t satisfied until last weekend.

“The mayor pays his bills,” a spokesman for the Mayor’s office explains. “He’s paid his bill. Any minor discrepancy is accounted for.”

PGW sources tell the News that employees were told not to talk publicly about the situation, which doesn’t sit well with some members of PGW’s union.

“Everyone inside the union is outraged by the mayor’s arrogance, but no one’s willing to publicly talk about it for fear of losing their job,” one source explains.

Utility scandals are nothing new here in Philadelphia. Last year, it was revealed that the city had paid for hundreds of thousands of dollars in utility bills for a restaurant owned by a politically connected Philadelphia businessman.

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