Best Buy Handing Out iPads Customers Didn’t Order Again

Ryan ordered an iPad camera connection kit from Best Buy for in-store pickup. The employees of his local Best Buy store apparently only read the first word of any order now, and instead packed up an iPad Mini. It sounds wacky, but Ryan says that he somehow missed this discrepancy, picked up his order, and went home. He sent an email and got a form letter in return.

He says that his logic in contacting corporate instead of the store was that the store would probably try to cover up its error and not listen to him, while they’re accountable to corporate. This probably isn’t true, especially if he had managed to get there in person and speak to a manager, but it’s logical.

The response was a little better when he called on the phone, but the end result was still that he planned to go return the iPad whenever he got around to it. Either way, no one seemed very concerned.

Ryan wrote:

Another story of free iPads! More like a free iPad mini… Long story short I picked up my online order from the store, didn’t pay much attention as always. When I get home I discover that the iPad camera connection kit I ordered was replaced with an iPad mini! How nice of them!

Contacted Best Buy and no one seemed to care so I called corporate who put me on hold, contacted the store and blah blah blah. I’m going to return the iPad mini atmy earliest convince, guess it’s no wonder they are going down fast!

Well, maybe when they were shipping extra iPads by the case. The question is whether they would have tracked down a less honest customer who kept the tablet instead of reporting the discrepancy. Either way, we passed Ryan’s contact information on to Best Buy, and everyone was generally helpful to each other.

[The Best Buy representative] was great and even offered a $100 certificate. We actually spoke for about 15 minutes and had some good feedback for one another. In no way was I really inconvenienced, it’s a simple exchange to get the product I originally ordered.

While you aren’t obligated to return things that are shipped to you even though you didn’t order them, morally you probably should. In this case, the items weren’t “shipped” to Ryan, and he intended to bring the errant iPad back, so this whole story ends nicely. Or it will whenever Ryan gets his camera kit for the iPad that he already has.

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