Report: United Airlines Passenger Restrained After Saying He Poisoned Everyone On Plane

Here’s some news apparently coming from a United Airlines flight that hasn’t even landed yet. According to news reports, a passenger on the flight from Hong Kong to Newark had to be restrained after making an announcement that he’d poisoned everyone on board.

Details are scarce since the plane isn’t even scheduled to land for another 15 minutes, but NBC 4 in New York cites a senior government official as confirming that a passenger on the plane had to be restrained by fellow travelers after telling people that he’d poisoned and drugged the other passengers.

A rep for United Airlines tells NBC that “a passenger became disruptive” on the flight and that “the crew followed procedures and the flight is continuing as scheduled.”

The plane is scheduled to land at Newark at 1:15 p.m. ET today. We imagine at least some of the folks on the plane will want to tell reporters about what happened when they deplane.

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