Dick’s Sporting Goods Clearing Out All Livestrong Items For Some Reason

omgsaleWhat’s that, you say? People just aren’t flocking to athletic equipment endorsed by Lance Armstrong since he admitted that his professional cycling career was full of doping and lies? That makes sense. That’s bad news if you’re Dick’s Sporting Goods, and half of the pricey fitness equipment you sell is Livestrong-branded. It is, however, great news for consumers.

Not because we love Lance Armstrong so much, but because it means you can get some sweet, sweet deals on home fitness equipment. Karen wrote to us about her amazing 85% off deal in between workouts:

I knew nothing about the Livestrong brand until I went shopping for an elliptical this weekend and got about 85% off for a floor model, which was the last of its type at the store. The salesman told me that Dick’s is no longer going to carry Livestrong. There are more, and I don’t want Consumerist readers missing out!


Don’t take her word on it: Livestrong cardio equipment shows up in the chain’s sales flyer this week too.


Indeed, the association with Armstrong and aisles full of branded fitness equipment really hurt sales at Dick’s earlier this year. “People had a very negative reaction to the Livestrong brand,” the CEO told business analysts on a conference call.

If you’re in the market, head over to your nearest store. Maybe pick up a can of black spray paint on your way home.

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