Worst Charities In America Give Charities A Bad Name

We might be experts on who the Worst Company in America is, but what about the worst charities in America? The Tampa Bay Times and the The Center for Investigative Reporting crunched on a bunch of data and figured out which American charities actually give the smallest proportion of their income out in cash aid.

No, that doesn’t necessarily mean charities that you disagree with, but organizations that collect a whole bunch of money and don’t use very much of it for a charitable purpose. The worst is right in Florida, and is called the Kids Wish Foundation. Records show that it has collected $127.8 million in donations, only $3.2 million of which actually went to helping any dying children. Check out the Top 50 list to see whether any names look familiar.

Need to check out a charity? Here are some useful sites to peruse if some group you’ve never heard of calls you up.

Nonprofit Explorer
Charity Navigator

America’s 50 worst charities rake in nearly $1 billion for corporate fundraisers [Tampa Bay Times]
Lack of regulation and meager penalties allow worst charities to thrive [Tampa Bay Times]

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