99¢ Only Stores Offer Actual Healthy Food, Big Savings, Weight Loss

If I’ve learned anything in the last week, it’s that we really need to import California’s 99¢ Only Stores to the East Coast. They hadn’t even crossed my mental radar screen until this week, when I saw two articles that presented it as not just a money-saving option, but a valid place to get edible, whole foods, which helped two different people save money and lose weight.

No, not Whole Foods, whole foods. Unlike the dollar stores where I live, where the most nutritious offerings are cashews and Larry the Cable Guy-branded boxed mixes, 99¢ Only offers actual meat and vegetables. This meant that Stacey Garratt over at The Billfold could use it as a valid comparison point when putting together the same meals from Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and 99¢ Only. How did the comparison work out? Well, Whole Foods always produced the tastiest meals, but at a price. A high price. She wrote:

I think about all the times I made [ground beef farfalle] without going to the dollar store and I feel like an asshole. I think my reasoning was always that I want fresh vegetables, fresh vegetables are at Trader Joe’s, ergo, I shop for this meal at Trader Joe’s. Or Whole Foods if I’m feeling fancy. Making a second trip costs an extra 15 minutes in time but could save up to half of my food bill.

Meanwhile, CBS Los Angeles shares the story of a musician who lost 250 pounds by buying all of his food at the dollar store and walking around his neighborhood. Tired of being compared to 400-pound rapper Biggie Smalls, he decided to take control of his diet and Again, this is only possible at a dollar store that sells fresh produce and other actual food products.

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