We’re Totally Unsurprised That Paula “Put A Glob Of Butter On It” Deen Has Her Own Butter Brand

They go together like, well, Paula Deen and butter.

They go together like, well, Paula Deen and butter.

Here’s the thing about Paula Deen: Anyone who’s watched her cooking on TV knows that the woman loves, and we mean loves to add dabs, globs and ginormous pats of butter to many of her recipes. So while we were momentarily confused by her paid endorsement of a diabetes management program, she’s back to doing what she does best — butter, by way of slapping her face and name on her very own butter brand to be sold at Walmart.

We welcome you back, Paula, to your true self, and that is in no way sarcasm. If you’re going to position yourself as a healthy, diet-conscious cook and then you come out with a product like butter, well, that’s weird. But Deen has made her way up through the ranks of celebuchefs on the calorie-laden, butter-filled recipes she loves best, so this is a natural progression.

But wait, this isn’t just regular butter, points out Eater — it’s something called “finishing butter.” Ostensibly, that would mean you’ve got a starter butter, a middle butter and then at the end, more butter.

Deen says these butters “let cooks bring a wonderful fresh butter taste to various dishes while just adding butter to the end of the cooking process,” and they come in five flavors, y’all: Southern Grillin’Butter, The Lemon Dill Butter, The European Style Butter, Sweet Citrus Zest Butter and Garden Herb Butter .

She made the talk show circuit yesterday, using butter at the end of the recipe instead of sticking it in at the beginning, because as she said on Today: “I know you’re going to find this heard to believe, but I’ve been trying to cook with less butter…I’m trying not to use butter during the cooking process. I wait til the end, and then I put the finishing butter on it.”

That being said, butter is butter, no matter how, when or where you stick it. So embrace the butter, Paula. We can buy that a lot easier than you as a “healthy” cook.

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