Palmer Candy Company Takes Fresh Chocolates Very, Very Seriously

twinbingThe Twin Bing Bar has nothing to do with search engines or browser toolbars, but is a candy bar only available regionally in parts of the Midwest. Reader Matt tells us that we should be very sad about that, because it’s a delicious treat that everyone should get to try. He picked one up at a gas station, and was disappointed: it was stale. He was so disappointed that he contacted the company, and received a whole box of candies for his trouble.

I just wanted to write about an experience I had with the Palmer Candy Company of Sioux City, IA. I bought one of their Bing Bar candy bars (They are delicious, and it’s sad they’re only a regional treat) and it was awful. The chocolate outer was dry and crumbly, and the candy/taffy center was lumpy and hard. I couldn’t find an expiration date on the packaging, only a code which Palmer Candy confirmed was an internal expiration date code, and that the candy was expired. They asked for my address, and sent me some awesome not expired candy, and apologized because the gas stations should be checking whether their stock is expired.

I really think they went above and beyond, especially for a candy bar that only cost a dollar originally.

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