Samsung Scores A Big Win Against Apple With U.S. Trade Agency Ban On iPhone 4 Imports

Apple and Samsung go together like Muhammed Ali and Joe Frazier — the two have been going at it over their various patents for smartphones and tablets for what feels like forever. Yesterday Samsung scored a strong hit against Apple when the U.S. International Trade Commission issued a ban against imports of the iPhone 4 and a variant of the iPad 2, saying that the devices violate one of Samsung’s patents.

The devices are assembled in China, meaning that the ban will effectively end Apple’s ability to sell them in the states, reports the Associated Press.

But what’s that you’re saying? The iPhone 5 is already out so who cares? There are plenty of customers out there looking to buy the iPhone 4, because not everyone wants to pony up the extra cash for the latest and ostensibly greatest Apple device. The ban only applies to the AT&T version, a model Apple will likely retire soon anyway.

President Barack Obama now has 60 days to invalidate the order, if he so chooses. He might do so, as he’s against import bans on the basis of the patent at the crux of the case. As such, the White House issued a recommendation yesterday that Congress limit the ITC’s ability to institute such bans.

Apple is “disappointed” with the ruling and plans to appeal.

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ITC rules for Samsung, bans iPhone 4 imports [Associated Press]

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