If You Don’t Want That Drink You Just Ordered, Don’t Throw It At The Taco Bell Employee

It’s not a good week for Taco Bell employees. First, one particularly mouthy worker was caught on camera apparently licking a stack of hard taco shells. And now comes the case of the so-called Taco Bell Tossers: Police say three customers ordered up some grub and drinks, and then promptly threw the liquid back in the faces of the drive-through workers.

According to CBS Chicago, workers at the Taco Bell took an order in the wee hours of the morning from a group of three young adults. But when the order was delivered, police say the group “threw the drinks at the employees and drove away.”

Employees took note of the driver’s license and called the cops, but the tossers made it away. Until, that is, they returned about a half hour later and met with the police.

So what would cause someone to throw a drink back that they’d just ordered? One suspect said he had “one beer at a friend’s house” (isn’t that always the way?) but pulled a .159 blood-alcohol content reading.

The other two suspects arrested were underage, and charged with being minors in possession of alcohol.

Three Arrested For Throwing Drinks At Taco Bell Worker [CBS Chicago]

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