Pals Realize They Should’ve Added “Get Arrested” To Bucket List As Well As “Retail Theft”

Just like Morgan and Jack! But not.

Just like Morgan and Jack! But not.

Kids these days! They make these pacts, give in to peer pressure and end up– what’s that? Two adult women made a silly deal to do a bunch of stuff on their bucket lists and wind up in jail? Oh, well, that’s different then. And still ridiculous.

According to the Ocala Star-Banner, two longtime friends, women aged 36 and 38, had “shoplifting from a retail store” on their bucket lists. You know, just like all the shenanigans Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman get into in the movie of the same name.

Thing is, these hijinks didn’t include skydiving or climbing tall, snowy peaks. Nope. Instead, Ocala police say one woman was eating beef jerky in a local Walmart during their shopping trip and the other had shoved bathing suits into her purse.

A loss prevention officer spotted the duo’s dastardly deeds and detained them after they left through a garden area without paying for the items.

One of the women explained to cops that they’d been friends for 30 years, but had been apart for 15 of those years. The shoplifting was a reunion of sorts, and taking the items “was a bucket list thing on our list of things to do together.”

Police say the one woman told officers that she wanted to go swimming, but they didn’t have swimsuits. So she just put on the suit under her clothes in a dressing room as an “impulsive thing,” while her friend had allegedly concealed one in her purse. Eating the beef jerky? Another impulse.

If going to jail and facing petty theft charges weren’t on that list, they could surely add them, and subsequently cross them off now.

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