Victoria’s Secret Sends $50 Apology Gift Card, Still Doesn’t Make Any Sense

Image courtesy of (Mary T.)

Last week, we shared the story of Debra, who returned $114 worth of merchandise to Victoria’s Secret, but only received $97 back. When she complained, Vicky’s response was that sending items back meant that her purchase was under the $100 threshold to get a $15 off discount. Except, um, her purchase was well over the limit, and she sent everything back. She complained again, and the refunded her $15. After our post ran, the chain tracked her down and sent an apology and a $50 gift certificate, along with a second explanation that doesn’t make any sense either.

She sent along the e-mail that she received from Victoria’s Secret. (The chain never did get back to Consumerist, but reaching out to Debra is better, and she had given us permission to pass along her e-mail address.)

I apologize for the misinformation that was provided in our email correspondences. The discrepancy in the price paid and the price returned was not due to a special offer adjustment but because of the original shipping and handling that was paid ($15.99). The $15.00 off $100.00 special offer was allocated between all of the items that you purchased. Therefore, when all items were returned we issued a credit for the total price paid for each item.

I have found the email responses that were sent and will ensure that coaching direction is provided. Please be assured that your experience is not indicative of the quality of service customarily offered to our customers. When customers choose to shop with Victoria’s Secret, we want them to have a pleasant experience. I apologize that this was not the case with this order.

Debra, we do not want to lose you as a loyal customer over this situation. As an invitation to shop with us again, I am sending you a $50.00 Gift Card. You should receive this card at your billing address within 10 to 14 business days. You may use this card toward a future order with Victoria’s Secret or at any purchase in a Victoria’s Secret store.

I appreciate you writing me back and allowing me to clarify our policies. We value you as a customer and hope that you will shop with us again. Thank you for choosing Victoria’s Secret.

Isn’t that nice of them? That was very nice, and we’re impressed with their follow-up. However, we’re still confused, because the amount held back wasn’t $15.99. It was $17.47.

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