Where’s The Best Place To Get Drugs For Your Pet? The Human Pharmacy

Generally, when you go to the doctor for a checkup, you don’t fill your prescriptions right there in the office at the same time that you hand over your co-pay. That generally is what pet owners do at the vet, though. As it turns out, the cheapest place to get your pets’ drugs may not be mail-order pharmacies or your vet’s office, but the chain or independent pharmacy where you get drugs for the human members of your family.

They usually stock both common pest control medications, like flea and heartworm prevention drugs, and also the drugs to treat any medical conditions that your pet may have. Walgreens told our sibling publication Consumer Reports that with a valid vet’s prescription, they can even turn pills that your pet might spit out under the refrigerator into liquids infused with meat flavors that he or she will actually consume. Just like they do for little kids, but with beef and salmon flavoring.

Sometimes it’s easier just to pick up the meds at your vet’s, especially in an emergency situation or the first time you get new drug.

Just talking about shopping around may save you a trip: vets’ offices may price match other pharmacies when you ask for a written prescription or if you specifically ask for a price match.

Where is the best place to get medication for my pet? [Consumer Reports]

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