We’ll Remain Unimpressed With Domino’s DVDs That Smell Like Pizza Until We Can Eat Them

Oh, the cruelty.

Oh, the cruelty.

What’s the point of a DVD that smells and looks kind of like pizza once it’s “heated up” in a player? If it’s just to get us hungry and thinking about pizza, that is a cruel, cruel marketing trick. Take a note, Domino’s Brazil — don’t bring your pizza invention around these parts until you’ve created a DVD we can watch and then consume with our mouths.

The pizza chain is touting its new “smellvertising” campaign in a YouTube video that explains how the whole thing works: Using special thermal ink on DVDs rented at stores in Brazil, the DVD players act like little ovens that trigger a smell of pizza, while turning the image on the discs into pizza as well.

Again, pizzas you can’t eat. So frustrating. Instead of magically transforming into dough, the DVDs read: “Did you enjoy the movie? The next one will be even better with a hot and delicious Domino’s Pizza.”

You know what would be better than having a hot and delicious pile of cheese, bread and sauce the next time I watch a movie? A pizza in my mouth this time. So get back to us, Domino’s, when you have something to actually deliver other than empty, smelly promises.

I probably should’ve eaten lunch before writing this.

(H/T to ShortList.com!)

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