Punching A Sandwich Maker Is Not An Acceptable Response To Too Many Pickles

The beauty of language is that you can use words to express yourself, instead of say, punching someone in the face when your sandwich is not up your standards. Police say a Massachusetts woman ditched her words and instead used her fists on a Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs worker because there were allegedly too many pickles on her sandwich.

According to the Associated Press‘ report, the 49-year-old woman in question ordered a steak and cheese sub at a Nathan’s on Saturday, and began complaining loudly as the worker constructed it.

Police say she followed complaints with a profanity, and “other derogatory comments about the ratio of certain ingredients” during the sandwich’s preparation.

The suspect told police that there were “too many pickles on her lunch.” And so she allegedly demanded a refund, was refused, and answered with a punch in the worker’s face. She also is accused of knocking the worker down and pushing over two large pickle jars, and shattering them before fleeing.

The worker didn’t let the (alleged) punch slow her from chasing the suspect out of the restaurant and holding on to her until the police could arrive.

Do you have the right to ask a restaurant worker (nicely) to redo a sandwich or whatever you’ve ordered if it’s not what you want? Certainly. But even if that person refuses, it’s up to you to decide if pickles are worth a court date and an assault charge.

Police: Assault prompted by ‘too many pickles’ [Associated Press]

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