Irish Snack Fans Can’t Get Enough Cheese And Onion Potato Chip-Flavored Chocolate Bars

taytobarEven though this is America, we are not the top country as far as wacky and amazing snack foods go. No, that would probably be Japan. But Ireland is making a serious run at the title, since their citizens are currently going mad for chocolate bars flavored with bits of cheese and onion potato chips.

Potato chips in chocolate? Okay, there’s a nice sweet-savory and creamy-crunchy thing going on there. We get it. When you add in the cheese and onion flavors, that’s when we get a little bit concerned. It’s not just any potato chip, though. The bars are from Tayto, a company whose products are so beloved that “tayto” can sometimes mean “crisps.” Which means “potato chips.”

The bars first appeared at Tayto Park, because of course a snack company needs a theme park. They hit the market in April in a limited edition of 10,000, and have been a runaway success. Metro UK reports that the first run simply wasn’t enough, and Tayto has now sold 100,000 bars to the adoring public.

Here in the U.S., we associate potatoes with Ireland, but maybe it’s the potato chip we should think of instead. Joe Murphy, the founder of Tayto, supposedly invented the flavored chip, which we only learned about from our sort-of UK counterparts over at Bitterwallet. Imagine: life without the Doritos Loco Taco Dorito or chicken and waffle Lay’s chips!

Will Tayto keep making the treats? If they asked us (and they didn’t) we would recommend making them a seasonal or occasional product, like the McRib or the Cadbury Creme Egg. Bring them out every so often, put the public in a frenzy, and then take them away.

Even Mr Tayto is a chocoholic – Crisp company unveils debut chocolate bar [Independent] (via Metro and Bitterwallet, sort of)

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