Report: YouTube Introducing Paid Subscription Channels Soon

The Internet is busy buzzing over reports that YouTube has gathered its druthers and is set to launch a paid subscription model for certain video channels very soon. As for how soon, exactly — it could be as early as this week.

The paid channels would help YouTube amp up its revenue and, it’s to be hoped, give fans of TV shows and movies yet another option for watching streaming content.

According to the report in the Financial Times (via Mashable), there will up to 50 channels, with subscriptions going for each at about $1.99 a month. There’ve been rumors about such a thing since way back in June of 2012, so the timing just feels right.

A YouTube spokesperson tells Mashable in a statement that doesn’t confirm or deny the report:

“We have nothing to announce at this time, but we’re looking into creating a subscription platform that could bring even more great content to YouTube for our users to enjoy and provide our creators with another vehicle to generate revenue from their content, beyond the rental and ad-supported models we offer.”

It’ll be interesting to see how other online content providers like Hulu and Netflix respond if and when YouTube’s paid channels launch. With yet another choice for viewers thrown in the ring, competitors might feel the pressure to lower fees or heck, finally get cable networks to offer their programming on an a la carte basis.

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