Because Pizza Tracker Isn’t Enough, Domino’s Places Live Cams In Store

Thrill, as pizza is made before your very eyes...

Thrill, as pizza is made before your very eyes…

Yesterday, we discussed the dual-edged sword that is the Domino’s Pizza Tracker — allowing customers to see exactly where their pizzas are at any given moment, but also highlighting that some employees just don’t give a hoot. But the ever-confident pizza chain has decided to ramp up the accountability, installing live cameras in at least one Domino’s store.

It’s not exactly Big Brother, or even JenniCam; heck, it’s just about as exciting as watching traffic cams on that one local-access channel, but one Domino’s kitchen in Salt Lake City has been outfitted with five cameras, presumably to show the world how diligently these Domino’s employees work (when being watched by who knows how many strangers ready to report every minor infraction to the local health department).

At the very least, the cameras will (hopefully) prevent employees from doing things like putting peppers up their noses and putting kitchen sponges down their butt cracks.

If you feel like gawking at the the Domino’s fishbowl, you can check it out on, but only while the store is actually open, as there isn’t much to see when no one is around.

[via CBS Detroit]

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