Rolex Sues Brooklyn Deli Claiming Luxury Watches Can Be Confused With Sandwiches

On the one hand, if you just need to know the time and someone passes you a sandwich, well that’s just annoying. And if you’re looking for a watch and all you find is a hot salad bar, that’s no good either. But while you might know the difference between a deli and a luxury watch purveyor, Rolex wants to avoid customer confusion and thus, is suing a Brooklyn deli for its similar name.

The Roll-x deli already had to change its first name after the watch company sued for copyright infringement earlier, and it seems Rolex still isn’t happy with the newest moniker.

The New York Daily News says lawyers for Rolex Watch U.S.A. argue in the most recent lawsuit that the new name will still confuse customers and make them think the deli offerings are tied to the “quality and prestige” of the watch brand.

It’s not as if the owner of the deli isn’t aware of the name similarity, as he says he named the establishment because of his love of Rolex watches. He changed the name last month, and is now facing more than $20,000 in civil contempt fines for not taking down the Rolex Deli sign earlier.

He claims that he didn’t know he was being fined $500 a day, and his lawyer says the new name is good enough.

“(It) is sufficient,” said the deli’s lawyer, saying “Roll-x is totally different.”

Watchmaker Rolex sues Brooklyn’s Roll-x deli over name [New York Daily News]

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