Budweiser ‘Buddy Cup’ Lets You Facebook Friend Someone By Clinking Glasses For Some Reason

Aw, man, who did I toast last night?

Advanced friending technology

Sure, you could take your smartphone with you when you go out drinking, take some bleary-eyed selfies, and use the Facebook app to add all of your new friends to your Facebook friends page. Or you could try Budweiser’s Buddy Cup, a bar glass that we’re hoping is only a novelty item. It lets you send a friend request to anyone you clink glasses with while out drinking.

If you can’t watch the below video, the actual technology in the cup includes LEDs that signal to each other, and there’s no tiny keyboard to log in to Facebook: drinkers scan a QR code at the bottom of the glass with their phones.

Some modern-day Portuguese-speaking Peggy Olsen created the glass for Budweiser in Brazil, but an English-language version of its ad on Bud Brazil’s channel hints that it could migrate to North America soon. The cups would only hang out at Budweiser booths or sponsored events in bars.

Budweiser unveils “Buddy Cup” beer glass which connects to Facebook [The Drum]

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