Prada Countersuing Ex-Employee Who Disagreed With Firing “Old, Fat, Ugly, Disgusting” Workers

Back in 2010 we heard about a Prada manager who had the nerve to protest over being told to eliminate, demote or transfer female employees who were “old, fat, ugly, disgusting had bad teeth, bad bodies or did not have the Prada look.” She sued the company claiming it was discriminatory behavior… and lost. And now Prada is getting back at her by way of a $780,000 countersuit, saying she’s “damaging the brand.”

One might see telling employees they’re not up to the brand’s beauty standards as potentially damaging to the brand, but that’s not how Prada or a Tokyo District Court judge see it. The judge ruled in favor of Prada in October 2012, saying that the alleged discrimination was “acceptable for a luxury fashion label,” reports the New York Daily News.

The woman claims she was pushed to resign after speaking out, and is trying to fight the lawsuit in the U.S. and bring a new suit against Prada with the help of the United Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women. The panel will hear her case at the end of April and decide whether or not to assist her.

Prada hasn’t commented on the lawsuit.

Ex-Prada staffer Rina Bovrisse fights to block fashion house’s $780K countersuit [New York Daily News]