Coming Soon To A Billfold Near You: New $100 Bills

benjaminsAttention currency fans, and fans of images that shift as you move them! New $100 dollar bills with exciting counterfeiting-proof features are coming soon from the Federal Reserve. The good news is that they probably will not melt, but they look a little different from bills currently circulating.

The $100 bill is the most frequently counterfeited denomination outside of the United States, providing the best return on The new bills will hit the street on October 8, and the government has already begun the crucial “this is not fake money, and here’s what it looks like” campaigns. Old bills will remain in circulation until they circulate back to the Federal Reserve for shredding and replacement.

THE REDESIGNED $100 NOTE [Federal Reserve]
Federal Reserve Announces Day of Issue of Redesigned $100 Note [Press Release]

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