The Origo Won’t Let Smartphone Addicts Start Car Unless Phone Is Inaccessible



Drivers distracted by their phones or other gadgets in the car are a serious safety problem and really annoying to get stuck behind when the light turns green. What if there were an overly restrictive answer to that problem? Meet the Origo: a system that won’t let you start your car unless your phone is in a specific dock.

The driver can still talk on the phone through the use of Bluetooth, but no texting at stoplights or Angry Birds in traffic.

There are a few obvious flaws to this new and exciting product. First, it’s expensive: $279, and $150 for installation. If your phone gets lost or stolen, there’s a one-time override PIN that disables the system. The biggest flaw of all is that it only works with a few newer phone models: the three latest iPhones, and the Samsung Galaxy S3.

New ignition interlock for phones targets distracted driving [Consumer Reports Cars]

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