Flooding In Illinois Leaves Site Of Original McDonald’s Underwater



In addition to the many people driven out of their homes or stranded by flood waters in Illinois, recent storms have wreaked havoc on a piece of fast-food history, with the site of the first McDonald’s opened by Ray Kroc now underwater.

The building in Des Plaines, IL, that is now flooded is not the original building erected by company founder Kroc. It is, in fact, a replica that was built using the blueprints of the original.

The aerial video footage below from WGN (WARNING: It’s raw video and there is all manner of helicopter noise, so turn the volume down) shows both the damage to the McDonald’s and the massive flooding in the surrounding area.

Illinois has declared a state of emergency while it attempts to deal with the widespread flooding and subsequent damage.

[via HuffPo and BusinessInsider]

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