Brief Blackout On Carnival Ship Ecstasy; All Toilets Reportedly Functioning

Hey, remember these guys?

Hey, remember these guys?

If no news is good news, then Carnival isn’t having a lot of good news lately. Yet another of the cruise line’s ships has experienced a power failure at sea, but at least this time passengers can use the bathroom facilities. The Ecstasy suffered just a brief blackout today, but even that was enough to get the buzz a’buzzin’ in light of other recent incidents (cough, Poop Cruise, cough cough).

A Carnival spokesman tells USA Today that the outage happened late Wednesday and only lasted about 12 minutes. Those 12 minutes were likely still a bit worrisome for the thousands of passengers, considering the course of events on previous Carnival ships like the ill-fated Poop Cruise/Triumph after power outages.

At the time, the ship was off the coast of Florida. The spokesman says the power went down because of a mechanical issue that was quickly fixed, and no fires were reported onboard.

And since it’s Carnival, it must be noted that all hotel services — including toilets and elevators, imagine that! — are working.

This, only a few days after the cruise line unveiled a $300 million plan to update its fleet and ensure that there are no more poop cruises. Because nobody wants that.

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