Anyone Who Scoffs At Video Games Probably Never Bought One Worth $15,000 For Only $7.99

There are the rare yard sale finds that once brought to light, no one’s that surprised that they’re worth something — a painting by a famous artist, a baseball card from the days of yore, a set of Chinese rhinoceros cups, whathaveyou. But while it might never be featured on Antiques Roadshow, there are other gems hiding out there, like an old Nintendo video game that could be worth as much as $15,000.

As in any category of stuff that people like collecting, there are expert video game collectors out there who know which games to look for and take pride in tracking down rare gems. In this case there was no hunting or tracking involved — a woman simply bought an old game from a Goodwill store for $7.99 and surprise! It’s worth around $15,000, reports UberGizmo.

It’s an old Nintendo game made by Bandai called Stadium Events from 1987, which was released in the United States during a market testing phase.

According to the owner of Save Point Video Games  who posted on Facebook about meeting the woman, the game is in great condition but probably won’t fetch top dollar, as it’s been opened.

Top dollar, shmop dollar — we’d take 15,000 unexpected dollars over nothing any day.

Woman Buys Rare Game Worth $15,000 From Goodwill Store For Only $7.99 [UberGizmo]

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