Walmart: Prices So Low, We Have To Raise Them To Put Things On Sale



Welcome to Walmart, where our prices are so low, we have to raise prices to put things on clearance! No, wait, that doesn’t really make sense. Hmm. Most likely, some prankster rearranged the numbers in this sign that reader Anthony found this weekend. That’s the story we’ll go with, because we like to retain some faith in the staff of Walmart.

Anthony sent this note with his photo:

I saw this at the local WalMart this weekend and thought I should share it. Even if the numbers were transposed it still wouldn’t be much of a discount compared to the one on the rack behind it. I have no way to explain this.

No, “someone switched the 1 and the 2” is a pretty good way to explain it. Not all price cuts are drastic.

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