IKEA Reports A Pork Problem In Its Moose Lasagna And Wait… Moose Lasagna?

Ever since the horsemeat scandal started galloping across Europe, the global food industry has been on high alert for food masquerading as one species while actually containing another. Fresh off the hooves of previous food controversies as of late, IKEA has a problem with its moose lasagna. What’s that? Yes, moose lasagna.

Although we are unfamiliar with moose lasagna, over in Europe it’s on the menu at IKEA stores. Or rather, it was: The company said it’s pulling 17,000 portions from the shelves after traces of pork showed up in a batch tested in Belgium, reports the Associated Press.

The product had been on sale for just a month when it was yanked, said a spokeswoman, but IKEA didn’t pipe up about it until a Swedish newspaper wrote about it this past weekend.

“We have more information now. That’s why we choose to inform now,” the spokeswoman explained of the delay in announcing the presence of 1.6% pork in one batch.

If moose lasagna sounds weird to you, the Swedes are used to eating moose meat, even if it’s not a typical lasagna ingredient. We’ve gotta wonder if the Swedish are fans of The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. Probably not.

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