KFC Original Recipe Chicken Going Boneless To Make It Easier To Eat

What’s the worst thing about fast food chicken? It’s just so difficult to eat, of course, with all those crunchy bones getting in the way. That’s why KFC is making over its Original Recipe Chicken and offering up a bucket of deep-fried boneless chicken pieces for those who can’t navigate the sharp world of breasts, thighs and drumsticks.

The new menu choice will show up on menus on April 14, reports the Associated Press, and the company says it may eventually push the bone-in version off the board forever.

The move comes as Americans persist in our desire to snack conveniently and often on the go. KFC notes that almost four out of five servings of fried chicken in the country are boneless. Pretty sure there are plenty of grandmas out there sniffing indignantly right about now.

These new boneless wonders are also skinless, about twice the size of KFC’s crispy strips and can be ordered in white or dark meat. Of course they’ll come as meal options with two pieces, a side, a biscuit and a drink for $4.99, as well as in four-piece buckets, which will cost the same as regular fried chicken.

A spokesman says it took between two and three years to get the bones out of the chicken, in what we can only imagine was an intense underground laboratory experiment involving chicken bone tweezers.

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