I Pay $250/Month, Get Useless DVRs, And Comcast Doesn’t Care

Define "shortly."

Define “shortly.”

Adam has Comcast’s fantastic new X1 DVR, but isn’t enjoying it very much. He keeps having to swap out his boxes, and the ones he has don’t work. Our usual stable of contacts, the Comcast Cares team, aren’t able to help him, either.

You may be interested to hear that Comcast’s flagship X1 cable boxes have been a complete disaster since day one and now their DVR “cloud” system has been down for days.

I’d say they can’t catch a break, but I’m paying over $250/month and my boxes are useless, are being replaced on a bi-monthly basis and they still have not trained their phone support techs on X1.

The Comcast forums are filled with threads/posts of upset customers and no one at Comcast seems to give a damn about fixing these problems.

@ComcastBill and the other twitter reps are now just forwarding people to the 1800# because they can’t handle all of the problems.

This has been my screen for the last few days.

..Our usual solution of “try Twitter” doesn’t really work here, so we’ll just throw this out to the Hive Mind. If you have the same problem and have been able to deal with it, do you have any ideas for Adam? Let us know.

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