The Dream Is Over: Scope Bacon Is Not Real



We all knew that this news was coming, but it’s still so very difficult to hear. Scope Bacon is not real. The campaign proved just plausible enough to get people talking, but wasn’t plausible enough to be a real Procter & Gamble product.

If nothing else, it proved that there really is a market for bacon-flavored mouthwash. Or this could be what I call the “Snakes on a Plane” effect: the Internet chatters about a product without ceasing, but doesn’t care enough to buy it.

The news came in a sneaky way: in a reply tweet to Oscar Mayer from the main Scope brand account.

Around the Consumerist offices, we haven’t been this inconsolable since…well, earlier this afternoon, when we figured out that Sony’s Animalia line of electronics for pets aren’t real, either.

Scope ‘Introduces’ Bacon Mouthwash With A Mint Finish Just Before April 1st

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