Cars Must Really Have Something Against This 7-Eleven Store

This NJ 7-Eleven has been crashed-into six times... twice so far in 2013.

This NJ 7-Eleven has been crashed-into six times… twice so far in 2013.

You might remember the story from January about the car that decided to turn a New Jersey 7-Eleven into a drive-thru. It’s happened again — to the exact same store.

The folks at report that not only is this the second time in just the last few months that a car has ended up in the chips-and-motor-oil aisle of the Somerville, NJ, 7-Eleven, the store owners claim this is the sixth time a car has hit the building. Six… with an x.

In this latest case of car-on-Big-Gulp violence, the driver says he intended step on the brake to slow his roll while pulling up to the store on Thursday morning, but instead hit the accelerator, which those familiar with the concept of “driving” are probably aware, has the opposite effect from applying the brakes.

Luckily no one was injured (other than the building, of course), but superstitious folks may be wary of the manager on duty, as this unlucky fella says he’s been in the store each time one of these crashes has occurred. Or perhaps he’s incredibly lucky to have gone through all the incidents without a scratch.

“It just keeps happening,” he tells

As Consumerist reader Dov suggests, “Maybe this 7-Eleven should install a garage door instead of a front door.”

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