No More Kinder Surprise Smuggling: New, Legal Chocolate Eggs With Toys Inside Available In The U.S.

Image courtesy of Chocolate and toys: everything America loves
Chocolate and toys: everything America loves

Chocolate and toys: everything America loves

If you’re a lucky and/or worldly person, you’ve experienced the tiny ovoid wonder that is the Kinder Surprise candy. It’s a chocolate egg with a plastic egg inside, and the interior egg includes a moderately cool toy. As many Americans learn the hard way while traveling home from Canada every year, the Surprise is illegal in the United States. This Easter, though, chocolate eggs hit the market that are thoroughly American-proof and legal. Meet Choco Treasure.

Unlike the rest of the world, we Americans aren’t allowed to have a “non-nutritive object” that’s encased entirely in food. It’s a choking hazard: the Food and Drug Administration says so. The Choco Treasure gets around this rule by having two egg halves that wrap around a toy capsule that is fully visible. You are extremely unlikely to try to eat it. We hope.

Do Not Eat

Do Not Eat

Toy lines include dinosaurs, sports balls, and Spiderman. They’re supposed to be available at major candy-selling retailers by Easter. You can order directly from the company now, where the smallest quantity available is a dozen for $14.49.

They claim that the eggs will be actual “Swiss” milk chocolate.

In my head, Spiderman is saying, "TA-DA!"

In my head, Spiderman is saying, “TA-DA!”

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