Beating Up The ATM That Ate Your Card Will Get You A Felony Charge Instead Of Cash

We’ve seen all kinds of seemingly minor acts turn into what’s termed “a pretty freaking big deal” just by a simple twist of events. Like admitting to past crimes, taking out too much anger on an ATM can earn you a felony. Police in New Hampshire say it wasn’t a simple kick that got one ATM customer in trouble, but a major mess-up.

The Nashua Telegraph says the man was ticked off after the machine ate his card, so he tried to pry open the front cover of the machine. That didn’t work but it did cause about $11,000 in damages to the ATM, say cops.

Because the damage exceeded $1,500, the man is charged with a felony count of criminal mischief that could send him to jail for up to seven years, as well as slap him with potential fines.

And all for probably $20 or $40 in cash. Yikes.

Man damaged ATM that ate his card, now faces felony charge, police said [Nashua Telegraph]

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