Nook Customers Can Download Rentals: You Just Need A Working SD Card

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Last week we shared with you the story of reader Brian, who was ready to chuck his Nook tablet and trade it in for an iPad, if he hadn’t been long past the return window. He wanted to rent some movies and watch them while traveling abroad and without Internet access. This seemed reasonable, and Nook documentation explains how to do this, but his tablet wouldn’t let him. A possibly well-meaning and definitely misinformed customer service representative told him that downloading a rental wasn’t possible. They were wrong.

Barnes & Noble contacted us to let us know that the discrepancy wasn’t false advertising: the problem was on Scott’s end. Swapping in a new MicroSD card solved the problem. Try that with an iPad!

He wrote to us:

Thanks to some insight from a friend, I am now able to download/rent movies on my Nook HD+. The issue was the MicroSD card I was attempting to store the movies on. My friend suggested I try a different card & voila, problem solved. While this doesn’t explain what I was told in my call to B&N’s Nook support number (I think the rep was having a very bad day for some reason), it resolves my problem.

[A representative] from B&N had very nicely reached out to me & scheduled a call with a couple of Nook techs for this afternoon to attempt to resolve the problem. I’ve notified him that the call is no longer necessary.

Great news all around! Advanced techs at Barnes & Noble reached out to help a customer solve an unusual problem that might have affected other users, but that was really due to a third-party accessory.

Scott’s interaction with the customer service rep shows why sometimes it can pay off to call back, brave the customer service queue again, and get someone who knows what the hell they’re doing.

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